Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Right Way To Sit in Toilet

You may not know this. And you are most probably be in the wrong posture while in the toilet. Ever since I can remember, I don't really sit on the toilet bowl. Because I find it harder to exert pressure whilst sitting. I usually squat whenever I feel the call of nature.

Now, the video explains why we should squat 35 degrees during the bowel movement.

Why would you want to do this too? You want to have a good bowel movement and fiber food won't be of much help as this would be. Yes, it would be healthful to eat food with more fiber. But, it is more healthful to check our postures during our bowel movement so that the waste goes out properly.

Let us all work to a healthy lifestyle. Inshaa Allaah. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

it is now may. as usual, it is very hot but yesterday it rained here in iligan. so the weather was so pleasant after several days of hot weather. this afternoon it is not also very hot. as for me i prefer hot weather rather than rainy weather.  when it is wet season it is also time for typhoon and philippines is prone to typhoon not like it's neighboring countries like malaysia and brunei. philippines has so many natural calamities like typhoon, flood, earthquake and volcanic eruption. i have not heard malaysia and brunei having this natural calamities. indonesia has volcanoes and earthquake but they do not have typhoon and flood. we cannot escape this calamities because the philippines is in the ring of fire so we have earthquake and volcanoes and it is in the typhoon belt. but i think we can prevent flood if we try to prevent it because in the past, the area that are prone to flood had not been flooded even though it was signal number 3. it must be investigated what cause  the flood.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i think life will be meaningless without color. colors give beauty to our life. everything on earth has colors. though there are black. but mostly things here in the universe come in different shades of color. there are colors which are pleasing to the eyes. but there are some which are not pleasant to the eyes.

there are three primary colors . they are the red, yellow and blue. if we mix two of them we can create another c olor. example is the mixture of red and blue will create violet. mixing red and yellow the outcome is orange. yellow and blue create green. violet, orange and green are know as the secondary colours. we can also create a lighter shade by adding white. adding white to red creates pink. if we add black we create a darker colour.

there are colours that compliment each other. placing red and blue together creates a beautiful combination. so is green and red. as we look around us, the colour of the mountains is green because of the vegetation. the colour of the ocean is deep blue. if there is any red it is just a speck compared to the two colours. this is because blue and green are cool to the eyes and red is very warm.

that is why when we choose colour for our dress, house and house furnishing it is better to choose the cool colours as they are pleasing to the eyes. many houses are painted with light colours because they are pleasant to the eyes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

managing ones money

now a day, many meet hardship because of the high prices of prime commodities. sometime people result to borrowing money just to make both ends meet. this is maybe due to very meager income or the unwise use of our money. if the income is too small then one should look for a job that is higher enough so the things badly needed for life will be met. but what i am discussing here is for those who have more than enough money but still their money is not enough for them.

if we have one hundred thousand pesos and we do not wisely spend it. i think it will not last for a year or even a month. before we spend our money we must list down all our needs, necessity in life then our wants. then list them in terms of priority. with this we can avoid unnecessary spending. we can make use of our money well. in the end we will not suffer and go hungry. we spend our life without any problem. but i think even how much you manage your one hundred thousand this will not last you for five years. you must find a job that will make give you good pay.

the job may be self employment or working for others. whichever, this will give you money for your daily subsistence. in case of self employment, give yourself a wage it maybe daily,weekly or monthly so this will not interfere with your business because if you get money from your business without limit then you go bankrupt in the future. if your business is small then your wage must be also small. as the business grow then you can increase your wage.

if you are working for others then you must think first of all your needs. your wants will be serve later. you must consider the food , shelter, electricity, water, clothing and your health care. we must also include savings. we must know the amount we need for each of them for a day if we are on a daily wage, or a week if on a weekly wage or a month for a monthly salary. we must allocate rough amount for food, shelter,electricity, water, health care and so on.

there are so many kinds of food in the market. now we must know which food that are needed by our body. those foods our body does not need we must forgo with them. with this we decrease  the cost of food.  it is the same with shelter. if renting is better than buying a house then go with it. there are appliances which are energy saving then go for it. when you do not use your appliances unplug them. with this you decrease your electricity consumption. just the same with water. try to cut consumption to cut on water bill.

Friday, February 24, 2012

our senses and organ of senses

our organs of senses allow us to be aware of our environment.  a lack of just one organ of sense, our life is very difficult on this planet earth. it is just the same if even one of them is diseased or out of order. so we must not overuse any of them. every human being is created with two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, a big skin which covers our whole body but we have only one mouth.  .

our eyes are our organ of sight.  without them we cannot see the beauty of our surroundings what we see is  all black. we may have the eyes but if there is a problem in vision, then it must be corrected by eyeglasses. without clear vision it is difficult to see things near or far. the good thing is we have two eyes even if one of them has problem we have still the other one to use.

we have our nose which have two nostrils. they are our sense of smell and at the same time they are use for breathing. we can enjoy the sweet smell of our surrounding with them. they are the ones which notify us of bad smell which are not good for our health.. we breath using them because they are connected to our lungs. the bad air in our body is expelled through them so that it will not poison our body. at the same time we take in air  containing oxygen from the surrounding through them. if there is a blockage in the nostrils, smelling and breathing are difficult for them.

we have two ears. they are our sense of hearing. we can hear the sounds around us. we can enjoy the melodious sounds because of them. we can evade danger when we can hear sounds that accompanies dangers. the good thing is we have two ears. even if one is diseased we have still the other one.

the next is the is the biggest organ  in surface area this is used to feel the things in our surrounding whether it is hard , soft, slippery and so on. but our skin has pores. these are holes which allow things to pass through them, like gas, liquid and microorganisms. so we must be careful of the things to feel or touch. if we take a bath we must be sure that the water is not contaminated with harmful chemicals or microrganisms. they may create havoc in our body.

the mouth contains the tongue which is our sense of taste at the same time it is the entrance of food into our body. the tongue aids our mouth in swallowing food into the digestive canal. air may also enter our body through the mouth and it may also expell the air in our body. the other function of the mouth is speech. the sounds in our vocal cord is expelled through the mouth so it can produce sounds.  i think this is the only organ of sense which has many functions. but we have only one mouth. we ave two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, a big skin but only one mouth.

we can see twice, hear twice, smell twice, feel the environment with all the big skin we have but we must speak once. i think this is very important for us. to have a wonderful life on this earth we should talk less. many bad things happen to our live because of our unnecessary talking. we must hear what the others say. we must see what is happening to our surrounding. before we comment.

many marriage have been broken because of the unnecessary talking of the wives. they do not listen to their husbands. this is maybe good if done ones. but every time the husband arrives home, the wife start her talking the husband might be bored. you do not even listen to your companion then you will not know what is his feelings and his thoughts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

cleanliness of the house

thehealthy house must be always clean. a dirty house is unhealthful for the occupants. house cleaning must be organized to ease the work load. clean what needs to be cleaned. the right tools must be used because cleaning without using the wrong tool makes the work difficult. example is sweeping the floor if a broom is not used then getting rid of the dirt is difficult. when peeling the vegetable, it is good to have a container for the peelings so there is no need to clean the top of the table. all kitchen refuse must be placed in a covered container. when the house has a backyard, the kitchen refuse may be buried in the soil. after a month the soil becomes fertile. the filter soil can be used for the houseplants and these become healthy. the other garbage that can be recycled is placed in another container. old newspaper and other used papers can be made into handmade paper or paper mache. plastic bottles can be sold or given to people who sell them. so we help them.

the children must be taught to keep their toys after they play with the toys. they must be given container for the toys and the right place to put the container and the toys. scattered toys can be a cause of hazard and accident. the child will learn to be responsible with his things. it is the same with the child bedding. he must be taught to place his pillows in the right place and he must be taught to fold his blanket. though the way he fold the blanket is not good it is better that he learns.

a clean and orderly house is good for the eyes and for the health of the occupants. the occupants are safe because scattered things can be cause of accident. a dirty house is not conducive to living. it can cause sickness.

building a house

when we plan to build a house we must consider many factors.these are the financial capability, location, the size of the family, the design of the house, the beliefs of the people who will dwell in it. these things are very important. there are houses built which do not serve the purposes of the dwellers, which made the lives of the dwellers miserable. they may be too small for the family or they may be too big for the family.

financial capability is very important because if one started building a house and his money is not enough to finish a house then the money used to build the unfinished house is wasted. the house is not habitable. the money should have been used for something necessary for the family. in some cases, it is wise to rent an apartment.

the location of the house is very important. a house very far from place of work is not good. it is very expensive to commute. but if the bread earner is working abroad then it is okay to build a house far from be considered here are the people living in it. if there are children, then it must be near the school and if possible near the market. other things to consider are the place prone to earthquake,typhoon and flood or is it near a volcano or is it prone to landslide. by these, accidents and disasters can be lessen.

the design of the house is also important. a house build with less details can be economical than a house build with so many decorations which are not needed by the dwellers. the construction materials are very important. example is wood, the price of one kind may be expensive than the other kind but the expensive one is durable then the better wood must be used. the house will last. a low ceiling house is very hot during midday. here the expenses is on the consumption of electricity because the dwellers continuously use electric fans. a house with small windows permit less air which is very important for the health of the family.

the beliefs of the dwellers must be also considered. if the dwellers believe in feng sui then the construction of the house must be based on feng sui. if the dwellers do not care of any belief then the construction can be done in any way.